Power Pole vs. Minn Kota Talon


Minn Kota Talon

Wherever, whenever, and how ever you flats fish the Talon by Minn Kota has fast deployment as well as rough water handling in mind. Minn Kota’s state of the art two stage deployment technology uses two metal stages to deploy its anchor rather than its competition which uses one long plastic pole for deployment.

-Minn Kota’s Talon system was developed by fishermen for fisherman in its ability to hold firm even in the toughest of rough water conditions with its Rough water mode. This mode uses three stages of impact to push the anchor further into the bottom to ensure an absolute hold on the bottom no matter what kind of wind, weather, or seas your boat comes upon.

-Another element of the Talon that the competition just can’t match is its auto-up, auto-down feature. With Talon deploying is as easy as tapping the down arrow and Talon takes care of the rest. The competition makes you hold down the down button until you think that you have a sure hold on the bottom.

-With Talon, no matter what the water is like, Talon will be able to cope with its Patented Wave-Absorption technology. With Talon’s built-in floating suspension, your boat can move up and down up to 2 feet and Talon will stay firmly planted in your fishing grounds.

-Wireless controllers come standard with Minn Kota’s Talon Shallow anchor system. This standard feature leaves its competition in its wake.

-Prices for the Minn Kota Talon Shallow Anchor system start at $1299.99

Power Pole


The power pole is the original shallow water anchor that anglers have relied on for almost five years to keep their boats firmly in place in their favorite shallow water spots.

- Through many durability tests the Power Pole has passed them with flying colors. They have been deployed going more than 20mph and they have remained intact throughout. It is not recommended that you do so but it has been done. When you use them at very slow speeds you can count on them to function properly for as long you own your boat.

-Power Poles are available in either 6 or 8 foot models.

-The People at Power Pole have taken the guess work out of boat positioning in shallow water. With the push of a button your boat will hold its place.

The Power Pole may not feature things such as the wave absorption or auto-up, or auto-down, but Power Pole doesn’t necessarily need all of these complicated micro-processor driven things that could break over time. With Power Pole all the versatility comes from its unique ability to flex and bend with waves and currents. It is this ability that lends itself to Power Poles ability to offer and unconditional lifetime warranty on the Power Poles spike. The rest of the unit comes with a standard three years warranty as does the Competition.

-Power Poles base model: The Sportsman 6 foot model’s pricing starts at $1295.99


  • gmont

    what wave height will power pole absorb? would like to anchor near the surf…2-3′ rolling waves.